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Metal spinners since 1967

The Girardi family have been in the metal spinning trade since 1967, when the company was founded by Massimo Girardi.

In 1997, sons Cristiano and Sandro joined their father, and have since been managing Girardi S.r.l; an established, dynamic and evolving business whose work is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Continual passion for the job combined with technology and experience developed over many years means that Girardi metal spinners have the professional know-how to deliver excellent service and outstanding quality.

Today, the firm is made up of a dozen skilled lathe workers as well as a dedicated mold-maker who can create custom molds of various sizes and materials to suit customer's specific needs.

Besides hand spinning various metals of differing thickness, Girardi S.r.l specializes in manufacturing stainless steel components with CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathes, that allow the forming of hard metals of any thickness and diameter.
This technology, combined with the company's extensive experience means that virtually any customer request can be met with competence and reliability.

Thanks to high quality production and punctual service, the company has established itself as a top name in the field of metal spinning, serving a broad range of customers from small businesses to big companies operating in diverse industrial sectors.