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Subcontractor of metal spun components and products

Girardi S.r.l produces metal spun articles for clients ranging from small businesses to large public corporations working in both the civil and industrial sectors.
In addition to the areas listed above, Girardi S.r.l - thanks to three decades of experience - can undertake new branches of work and meet specific customer needs.
All products are carefully designed and produced in order to provide clients with the highest quality and service.

Flue and heating

Lighting and furniture




Flue and heating

Chimneys in stainless steel and other articles destined to flue systems, ventilation and heating.

Lighting and furniture

Metal spun components for lamps and lighting items.


Production of catalytic converter parts and other items in stainless steel for the automotive industry.

Food sector

Production of centrifugal separators, tanks and dispensers for the food sector

Other sectors

Some metal spun components we realized for civil and industrial sectors.